Acura Courtesy Card Registration

Your Acura Courtesy Card can be used at any of our participating Acura or Honda Dealerships within the continental United States.

To register your Acura Courtesy Card, click on the "ATIRA" button below. You will be sent to our preferred Acura Courtesy Card partner, ATIRA.

By registering your card, you will be able to track your transactions and balance. And, if your Acura Courtesy Card is ever lost or stolen, the card and the unspent amount can be replaced.

Please note: If your purchase totals more than the value of your card, let the Acura or Honda dealership know and ask them to use the dollar balance on your Acura Courtesy Card toward your purchase amount.

Click on the "ATIRA" button below to register your Acura Courtesy Card or to review your activity if your card is already registered.

To contact Cardholder Services, please call 855-209-8381.